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There have been so many classic collaborations in music:

Nat and Natalie.

Ella and the Duke.

Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson.

The Captain and Tennille.

And while watching an episode of Crossroads¹ yesterday which featured Maroon 5 and Sara Evans performing duets of each other’s songs, I watched this clip of She Will Be Loved:

It was cool.  I actually like the timbre of Sara’s alto and that as you watch her and Adam stand there, the way we categorize genders of voice means your mind expects each of their voices to be coming from the other person’s face.  But there are also a few places where it just didn’t work; not even miniature disasters or minor catastrophes, just blips.

But my mind started roaming.  I don’t why I go to extremes.  I wanted to know what the worst collaboration or duet in the history of time was.  And as I opened my browser to see how deep the rabbit hole went for a few pairs I could think of, like anti-manna from hell, a gift and a curse fell into my lap:

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are expecting a child, but that’s not their only collaboration.”

Annnnd… my search was done.

Billy Altman wrote my sentiments perfectly.  Despite my love for Braveheart,

with everything that’s come and gone over the course of Mel Gibson’s career and life in the public eye, there did seem to be one area that was safe from Mel-dom, and that was music.

You want the lyrics Mel co-wrote?  Of course you do.

I got no way back home/ And every time my heart beats, it’s one less that remains…The future contrives to draw me in its wake/ I’m not afraid of leaving, if I know why and when/ I’ll have to walk a few more miles before you say my name again/ My name again.

“Contrives to draw me in its wake.”  That just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?  And it gets better: this is all product of Mel’s label, Icon Records.  He actually has a label, which means we’re at risk of him signing a max of 3-4 other confused souls and spreading their work around like some aural plague.

But maybe I’m overreacting.  Tell me about a collaboration that makes you cringe more than the idea of one featuring Mel Gibson.  Do it.

¹In no way affiliated with the Britney Spears movie of the same name.


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