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Spoiler alert: Though I am not officially a Democrat, each vote I’ve cast in a presidential election has been for one.  If you generally avoid liberally-minded photos, read anyway: mine are wildly entertaining.

Where have I been for the last 4 days?  Where have you been?

Oh, right.  My blog; I do the answering: I’ve been celebrating.



We went back to Duffy’s.  And not only did they not run out of Stella, but I also didn’t insult anyone.  I kept my mouth shut; even when that shell of a lovely woman next to us refused to put her cell phone down long enough to acknowledge her server was alive and trying to be useful.

Then we stood out in the cold.  For an hour.  A wretched, wretched hour.

But when the cold ended, we saw surprisingly talented Angel Taylor



… open for ADELE.img_05461

And Adele was amazing.  Only one other time have I seen a show where the live voice was as recorded, if not better.  The other time was seeing John Legend at the House of Blues in Atlantic City.

Adele just has such great clarity, strength and personality.  Plus, she plays the guitar and bass.  And she has an accent.  And since accents are like shiny lights your voice makes, it was great even when she wasn’t singing.  And, ooh!: she covered a Sam Cooke song!  And when it comes to Sam Cooke… oh, just go listen to something from his songbook, like “Frankie and Johnny.”

The one downer?  The 9:30 Club apparently has a policy of inclusion towards banshees, because there was a girl directly behind us unleashing the kind of death shrills that would make the grim reaper ask for a moment of silence.  




Sunday, bloody Sunday.

I, a 49ers fan, watched the NFC West division-rival Arizona Cardinals win their way into the Super Bowl.  I then realized that since I watch the Super Bowl, I would be watching the Arizona Cardinals play in the Super Bowl.  I will also, therefore, be drinking more than usual come February 1.

There are no words.  There are no pictures.

I also missed out on the Bloggerational Ball.  Which, jokes aside, was really disappointing.  And I wonder if the Washington (DC) Blogger meetup will make up for it tonight at RFD’s at 7.  Actually, I don’t wonder.  It won’t; not even close.  But I’ll be there.  You should, too.

But family was in town for the inauguration.  So that was cool.  We hadn’t seen each other in years.



We walked the town.

Not 20 minutes out of the house, we stumbled upon the Feeding America food bank outside the MLK library in Gallery Place.  We missed Herbie Hancock.  But who did we see?  Only the coolest not-really-opera-but-sorta-adult-contemporary, talented-but-not-entertaining artist this millennium: Josh Groban.*


And know who else?

Ok, guess.


It was Ben Affleck; in front of a moving truck.


We then tried to get down Pennsylvania Ave, but it was blocked (something about a historic moment, security, blah blah whatevs…).  But there was a series of protests going on in front of the White House.  One was a guy screaming about getting rid of our funding for troops and diverting it to nuclear power or something.**  Another guy was yelling incoherently but doing so while holding something in the air, which made it seem political.  And there was this –

img_05691– a big Bush-like figure in prison garb.  He looked right at me.  But still thinking about a previous post this whole weekend, I wasn’t quite sure what to think about this, yet.

We continued on.  We stopped for soup at Au Bon Pain on Penn, between 17th and 18th.  And if you’ve never ascended into hell, try eating upstairs at this ABP.  The heat, as in room temperature, actually makes the eating difficult.

Anyway, before showing my cousin a quick glimpse of what it was like to go to GW, we stopped at an ATM.  Actually, he stopped and I got distracted by some nearly symmetrical pigeons.


Then we sauntered through GW, remarked at how no one was milling around wearing pants that said “Juicy” on the ass, and then headed up to Dupont Circle.

img_05851When we got there?  Using a felt tip pen with a plume, I signed a giant canvas copy of the preamble to the Constitution, using both my real name and “f.B” so that this picture would connect for you, who has never met me.

The picture may be sideways, but the citizenship is straight on.

A lot of people signed it.  Some took off their shoes, and in socked feet walked across the canvas in search of the best place to leave their mark.

I was told that the symbolism of this mattered.  And it did seem really cool, hence you hearing about it.  But I was told it mattered by a guy I did not know.  So, I will blame him if this country falls apart.


When we turned toward the center of the circle, it got slightly more progressive.

As we weeded through the fragrant cloud of pot and body odor, dozens of people were gathered to join in the newest craze: throwing shoes at the former President.


I didn’t throw a shoe.  A lot of this didn’t make much sense.  Namely?  That you didn’t throw your own shoes.  They had a pile of shoes from god knows where that people just launched at the Bunyan-sized blow-up doll, which made the statement a little less your own.  Also, since dozens of people decided the best way to do this was to stand in a semi-circle, people were bombarded with stray shoes launched by their friends and neighbors.  Awesome for me and the fam; literally painful for that baby in the stroller.

We got bored and headed to Hello Cupcake.  I’d only ever been to Cake Love.  Now, I have cupcake options.  It’s a mad, mad world, kids.  It was a great appetizer before dinner for 13 at Etete.  Yeah, you heard me right: we squeezed 13 into Etete.


Inauguration Day:

It was great.  It really was.  I’ll spare you most of the flowery rhetoric.  But my mom remembers Integration Day, when her school bus was stoned by families whose sentiments were obvious.  So today?  Worth all of the administrative drama in getting there.

How much drama?  I live a 15 minute walk from the Mall.  In total?  It took us 5 hours to walk there and back home.  This frustration sparked a quip:

me: I wish we were superheroes. Then we could just fly over.

miss bianca: If we could fly, we’d be shot down.

my cousin: *snicker*

But enough complaining.  By the end of the day, we had gotten really close.


And my cousin didn’t break his freaking neck sliding across the frozen reflecting pool.***


Got a better Inauguration Weekend story?

Come to RFD’s at 7.  My meetup.com status says I’m gonna be there, and stuff.

*Yes, I know you can’t see him. He’s at the piano. But the iPhone has no zoom. It doesn’t believe in it. So, if you must, be a non-believer and convince yourself I’m showing a fake picture of Josh Groban.

**I didn’t say he was smart.

***Notice where I’m not.


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