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It all starts with Michael J. Fox.


He’s the first face I see.  But then there are others.  One at a time, they make invisible entrances — I notice them but can’t see their faces.

Two of them sit next to MJF at an Idol-like table.  The rest join me, standing in front of their bench.

Their bench?  Oh, I’m being judged!  Wait, there is a god and it’s Michael J. Fox?

Then he, MJF, speaks.  “Welcome back to Bravo’s newest show, Cinemaddict.”¹  It was a show about movie-making.

I’m on a reality show?  So, I’m not dead…

One by one, MJF calls a name.  Soon there are only two people standing with me, as a handful of others celebrate within earshot.  Then just me and another.  And that’s when it set in: the feeling so many of us have had when someone’s picking teams, there’s an odd number of people, and you’re one of two left.

Sure enough, he picked the other person to stay on the show.  Michael J. Fox cut me.  He cut me deep.  It hurt, kids; kind of like when the guy’s dad got shanked on “The Mad Real World” on Chappelle’s Show.  He must’ve cut me early, too, for that many people to be celebrating their survival.

I’ve made a few “movies” for this blog.  I was actually pretty proud of the trailer for A Googled Kind of Love.  My pride took a hit with this fantasy rejection.

But maybe I’ve totally misread the entire scene.  If you’ve got any ideas, I’m all ears.  Otherwise, clearly I’ve got some work to do around here.  No matter how I’ve felt about the videos I’ve made, if it wasn’t good enough for MJF and Cinemaddict, then it wasn’t good enough.  It’s that simple.  Guess it’s back to the drawing board.

¹Ok, so I don’t remember the name of the show.  But I know it was on Bravo, which means it was something cute like “Shear Genius.”


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