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Gimme an F: “F!”
That’s right an R and then two E’s.
I need a Verse: “Verse!”
Just soul clap and sing with me:
“We want it Fri, day! ‘Cuz Friday the Verse is Free!”
Welcome back, ya’ll, to the Change I Wish to See.


Today’s FVF is short and sweet.  It’s about, uh…  Actually, I hope it just makes sense and doesn’t need an explanation.  That’s the whole point of this writing thing, right?  If I need 300 words to explain 27 words, I’m writing the kind of words I always hated to read/hear.

So with that:

promised you’d forget me.
didn’t say it
but i knew.
it was in the way
you hugged me freely
when i was still so tied
to you.

And, uh, that’s that.

But I’m really excited about the music feature I’ve got for you today.

The Sweet Remains.  Go to the site.  Do it.  There are a handful of tracks there for your streaming pleasure.  The audio will auto-load, but forgive it.  It means well.

If they don’t get your weekend off on the right foot, it might be hopeless.

See you on the other side.


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