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Now, I’m sure they’re just dolls.


But DC, meet your new Plastics.

No, seriously, they even pose like the movie characters:


The two women in the middle of the photo at the top are two-thirds of the Blonde Charity Mafia.  That’s right: the Blonde, Charity, Mafia.

If you’re like me at all, odds are you are now experiencing one of the following:
a) the best laugh you’ve had in weeks,
b) a wicked reintroduction to your gag reflex, or
c) fierce anger.

This story isn’t new.  The DCist and The Washington Post have been all over it.  These DC-socialite ladies are going to have their own reality show.  Naturally, it will be produced by those responsible for The Simple Life.  And can you guess what network picked up the show?

Not MTV or Bravo.  Not even Lifetime.  Let me repeat: Lifetime — network of epic fail and tremendous suck — said no.  What could that possibly leave?  No, not Peter Griffin’s side-boob public access channel either.

But if you guessed The CW — home of syndication and WB-UPN televisional residue — you win!

Thank god for the interwebs, there are two things about the show already online.
1) the Blonde Charity Mafia blog and
2) leaked portions of the show’s script.

And thanks to fishbowlDC, part of that second one includes:

Natalie: Can I get you a “Dresser”?
Sophie: A what?
Natalie: A “Dresser” — a cocktail to drink while you get dressed. Duh.

Well, isn’t that just delightful?

So here’s what we’re gonna do, people (I can’t believe what I’m about to say).  Normally I’d say we should run from this like the plague or, at best, only watch it as part of a drinking game.  But their blog has a page for their bios and, thank jebus, that includes the bars they like.  The next step should be obvious.

If you are in DC, or plan on ever being here in the near future, we’re going to find these ladies and see for ourselves just how disastrous this train wreck can be.  One of their favorite places is Third Edition and hey: I’ve already been there.

I know, I know.  But listen: part of me still believes this might not be real.  Maybe we’ll be surprised, right?  Maybe they’re brilliant, socially aware young women just trying to find their place in the world like the rest of us, notwithstanding that their collective trust funds probably rival the GDP of our recessive nation.

Or maybe us laughing so hard in the background during some of their taping will ruin a scene the producers really wanted to air for its… well, stuff like this:

Phone rings – It’s SOPHIE’s dad – He grills her for leaving work in the middle of the day after she showed up 2 hours late. Sophie apologizes and then promises to be in early the next day. She hangs up.

SOPHIE: He’s so ridiculous…are you kidding me? Get off my back. I have bigger problems than my dumb job right now.


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